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Powerful Grounding Techniques

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powerful grounding techniques


Signs of not being grounded are: being distracted easily, over-thinking, worrying, insomnia, fatigue and inflammation.

If you are grounded you are fully present in your body and are able to recharge your energy, clear your mind and improve your immune response.

Redistributing the energy from your head into your body has an almost instant calming effect.

1. Place one hand on the crown of your head (acupressure point on your governing meridian), close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel supported.

2. Take 10 slow breaths – close your eyes and as you inhale, trace the air as it enters your nose and goes into your lungs. On the exhale, follow the air leaving your lungs and exiting your nose.

3. Connect to the earth. This helps rebalance our electrical system. Just take off your shoes and socks and get outside. Stand on the earth – grass, stone and sand work best.

4. Mindful walking – simply walk and stay present with your environment. Involve your senses.

5. Notice 5 things you can see, five things you can feel, taste or smell.

What are your go to grounding tools?

Of course, kinesiology can always help you to pinpoint what is best for your body.

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