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Need help to support your body during winter?

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Support During Winter

In Traditional Chinese Medicine winter is associated with the Water element; the kidney and bladder meridians, and is a time of reflection, turning inward and slowing down.

This is a quieter, more reflective time of year, a time when it is easy to sleep in, stay at home, and let ourselves rest.

The emotions that relate to winter and the Water element are fear and anxiety. If you find yourself not listening to your body’s need to rest and recharge, you may easily find yourself in a state of anxiety, feeling wound up and unable to relax.

An imbalance in the Water element may also cause you to experience irrational fears/phobias, lower back pain, dizziness or fatigue.

When our Water element is in balance we live life with focus and direction.

Here are some great ways to support your body during winter:
  • Take time to listen and recharge: listen to your body, this is a time of receiving, not doing. Winter is nature’s season for rest, repair and regeneration – a phase important for our next cycle of growth. It’s a great time to keep a journal and record your feelings, thoughts and dreams. See if anything conveys an inner message to you.
  • Keep warm: Chinese medicine says that the neck and shoulder areas contain the “Wind” points through which pathogens can enter, so keep these areas protected; wear a scarf and keep your neck covered.
  • Practice Self-acceptance: Abundant reserves within give us courage and strength of will. If we are lacking these reserves, we can manifest fear causing us to feel stuck and hopeless. By learning the gentle art of observing ourselves without judgement we are able to acknowledge these fears, feel the emotion they bring up and let them go. This self-awareness can help us to become “unstuck” and be able move on.
  • Choose more “warming” foods: As the weather cools and the body needs to generate more warmth, include more cooked foods and complex carbohydrates in your meals. Include foods that are the colour connected to the Water element – blue/black. Blackberries, blueberries, figs, prunes, raisins, eggplants, purple carrots and potatoes and black rice. Salty foods are also nourishing as salt is the flavour for the Water element (Murray River salt or another good quality unprocessed one would be great).
  • Winter may be a time to conserve energy, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay completely still. Like the element of water that moves downhill, we can learn to find the path of least resistance and to practice fluid movement. Tai chi, qigong, yoga and dance are great practices for the winter months.

If you are experiencing fear or anxiety kinesiology works beautifully to help restore balance to your life.

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