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Get Back in Balance with the Earth Element

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We are now in late summer, the shortest of seasons, with its humidity and lingering heat. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this season is associated with the earth element and the digestive organs.

If you’ve been feeling tired when you wake up, feel bloated or have been experiencing congestion in your sinuses this might be a sign that you have overlooked your energy needs during summer.

You can help your digestive organs come back into balance with coloured root vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato, beetroot and pumpkin. Spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom also help to nourish the earth element.

Emotionally this period is one for consolidating the growth and freedom that was experienced in summer and to conserve and nurture our inner spirit during the transition into cooler months.

This season represents gathering, home, family, support, giving and tranquillity. It’s often easy to overdo it, say yes to too many things, and feel depleted.

To keep your earth element balanced, try to delegate and call in support when needed. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious get out into nature and connect with the earth outside by immersing your feet in the grass, dirt or sand.

For other grounding techniques try a kinesiology treatment to bring your body back into balance.

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