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Want to improve your health, wellbeing and vitality?


A Progressive Kinesiology session is non-invasive and you remain fully clothed. I work with you to understand what is at the root cause of your health problem and then use a wide range of techniques to help your body into a better position to heal itself.


Progressive Kinesiology is a wonderful system of natural health care which combines gentle muscle monitoring techniques with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assess the flow of energy in the body. It identifies imbalances in the body and applies a range of powerful healing techniques to improve health, wellbeing and vitality.

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Progressive Kinesiology taps into the body to find, heal or shift the root cause of any imbalances.

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about Moya.

I am a qualified Progressive Kinesiologist, a registered nurse and mother of 3 and am passionate about kinesiology and helping you to identify the root cause of your health concern.

I work with you to make positive changes to bring your life into balance, increase wellbeing and vitality and to help you live to your full potential. I provide a caring, nurturing and safe environment to support you on your journey to the best version of ‘you’.

My aim is for each session to build your connection to yourself so that you are able to trust your own wisdom and inner guidance allowing your life to flow and feel easy.

How can Progressive Kinesiology Help me?

Progressive Kinesiology works on a wide range of symptoms encompassing all ages. Alternative and holistic health.
Digestive problems
Anxiety and depression
Food sensitivities
Aches in muscles and joints
Skin complaints
Hormonal symptom
Difficulty sleeping
Learning difficulties
Difficulty concentrating
Bed Wetting
Self -esteem and confidence
Weight & body image issues


Many people turn to kinesiology when they feel limited by simply talking about their problems.

While talking is therapeutic (especially with a qualified therapist), kinesiology taps into the body to find, heal or shift the root cause of the imbalance.

Kinesiology is helpful in enabling you to recognise old patterns or belief systems that no longer work for you and bring to awareness what is keeping you stuck or blocked.

I am able to test what your body needs in order to clear and release these blocks helping you gain confidence and inner strength to move forward with your goals.

Moya's Testimonials.

Here's a selection of my favourite comments

I felt instantly safe to express myself to Moya. Treatment felt non-intrusive. I could relax throughout the treatment. Moya’s guidance makes perfect sense within my context and I feel very hopeful towards my healing. Thank you.



Moya is very professional and very good at explaining what is happening and why it is happening. Thoroughly enjoyed the session and feel more balanced. I also understand myself better after the treatment. Thank you.



Moya gave me a very insightful and interesting treatment. It helped me settle back into my body and take good decisions. She is very accurate, a good listener and to the point with her analysis. A great experience. Thank you.



Very thorough session. All of our questions were answered and we were able to go home with a solution. Lovely manner and able to put my daughter at ease. Thank you.



Moya is absolutely amazing!! She was able to get right to the heart of the issue and I feel much better and my eyesight has already improved! Thank you.



Calm and engaging, well spoken gentle confidence, good explanation and instruction for improving outcomes. Glad I took the opportunity to come



It has been a long time since my last kinesiology session and I had forgotten how it works – I loved the experience, it was relaxing and non intrusive with loads of insight. Very happy with the session.



Another amazing session. Really able to pinpoint the nature of my issue. I feel much more balanced now, thank you.


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